Streamezzo releases Rich Media Workbench

Mobile software provider Streamezzo unveiled Rich Media Workbench, opening its development platform to developers, system integrators and related firms in an effort to enable more efficient application creation. Rich Media Workbench promises to accelerate the deployment of rich media applications and services by means of a client/server architecture spanning more than 250 devices and platforms including Windows Mobile, Symbian, BREW, Java, Linux and Android, in effect requiring developers to create applications once for distribution across all major environments. According to Streamezzo, the platform not only reduces development costs and time to market, but also fosters industry collaboration. The Rich Media Workbench SDK, including documentation, code samples and APIs, will be available for free download on Feb. 25.

"This platform helps the mobile ecosystem overcome the hurdles of fragmentation by enabling applications and services that work across all platforms and handsets," said Streamezzo CTO Pierre-Emmanuel Struyven in an interview with FierceDeveloper, noting that porting demands often swallow up at least 50 percent of an application development budget. "It helps developers concentrate on the concept, not the technical difficulties of porting. We want to increase the number of developers who are able to use technology for their own projects and needs, and give them the appropriate tools to roll out their own services."

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