Study: iPhone app usage peaks on evenings and weekends

iPhone application usage reaches its zenith on nights and weekends according to new data issued by mobile analytics platform Localytics. iPhone app behaviors reach their peak at 9 p.m. ET on weeknights, Localytics reports, adding that usage ramps up slowly over the course of the workday and then tops out when East Coast consumers are at home and their West Coast counterparts are commuting from work. iPhone users generate 7 percent greater traffic on weekends than during the average weekday--Saturday traffic is at its lowest ebb at 6 a.m., but accelerates to over 90 percent of peak usage by 11 a.m., remaining at or near its apex for the duration of the afternoon and evening.

Localytics concludes that while the iPhone is making professional inroads, it remains a personal device for most users, adding that the results of its study bode well for Apple's forthcoming iPad tablet device. According to Localytics, the data suggests that consumers looking for entertainment, trip planning, sports updates and music services are already reaching for devices that are smaller and more convenient than their desktops and laptops, indicating the release of the iPad could further galvanize those behaviors.

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