Symbian^3 PDK 3.0.0 available for download

The nonprofit Symbian Foundation announced the release of Symbian^3 PDK 3.0.0, the first S^3 product development kit issued since the operating system achieved its Functionally Complete milestone in mid-June. Writing on the Symbian Blog, the organization's release council chair and senior release manager Mark Skrebels states the PDK includes a full build of the Symbian^3 platform as well as the corresponding source code, promising developers full access to the S^3 feature set. "This is the first time FC has been achieved for a fully open-sourced Symbian release and represents the transition of this latest version of the platform from largely feature submission and stabilization into the ‘hardening phase,'" Skrebels adds. "This is a key message to the community to engage with S^3! PDK 3.0.0 is the first release to support a full UI ROM executing on ARMv5 platforms." The PDK is available for download here.

The Symbian Foundation first released Symbian^3 in mid-February, touting faster networking, acceleration for 2D and 3D graphics in games and applications, HDMI support, music store integration, improved navigation and multi-touch gesture support, and a feature-rich homescreen--the platform also allows for more applications to run simultaneously. Symbian^3 additionally promises an improved developer experience highlighted by integration of the Qt toolkit. Nokia is expected to introduce the N8, its first S^3-based device, sometime in Q3, but said future N-series smartphones with run the MeeGo OS.

For more on the Symbian^3 PDK 3.0.0:
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