T-Mobile Dash (HTC Excalibur) Tips and Tricks


The T-Mobile Dash is a branded version of the HTC S620, a Windows Mobile 5.0 smartphone that is perhaps better known as the "Excalibur."

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Unlocking the JOGGR

T-Mobile disabled the Exclaibur's side JOGGR switch for everything but the volume control. However, brave Dash owners can fully re-enabled the JOGGR with a simple registry hack. Sure, the JOGGR still looks like just a volume control, but it still functions just like the unlocked Excalibur's switch, for better or worse. A word to the wise: if you make the change, hang on to that registry editor; many people find the JOGGR hard to use. Download a registry editor and read the instructions (see this forum if you're still confused). An XDA-Forums user also has a .NET CF apllication that claims it can make all the changes for you.

Using Standard Headphones

The T-Mobile Dash sports an extUSB connector, a proprietary piece of HTC hardware that is not compatible with standard headphones. The phone comes with a set of stereo headphones with built-in microphone, of course, but they're not great. The good news is that Smartphone Thoughts has found a $16 convertor (marketed for the HTC TyTN, but compatible with the Dash), that lets you to plug in a standard set of 3.5mm headphones. Just don't forget to unplug it before you try to answer a call.

SIM Unlock Codes

T-Mobile has a rather progressive policy on providing SIM unlock codes to subscribers, but rumor has it the process has become a bit more tricky with the Dash. If you're in a hurry, imei-check.com can unlock your Dash for 20 GBP (about $38).

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