Targeting, length among key factors for successful in-app video ads, IAB says

Dan Kobialka, FierceDeveloperReady to deploy video ads in your mobile app? Doing so may help you increase your app revenues, especially if you implement video ads that generate interest from your target audience.

Digital marketing research firm eMarketer recently pointed out mobile video ad spending is growing faster than any other digital advertising format in the United States. As such, mobile developers who deploy engaging video ads could capitalize on a significant revenue opportunity.

"Mobile video ad spend is experiencing rapid growth, thanks to larger audiences of video viewers and growing time spent on smartphones and tablets," eMarketer analyst Jeremy Kressmann said in a statement. "But challenges with the format are causing growing pains for the industry." 

For developers, discovering the best way to foster long-lasting partnerships with your target audience is rarely simple. But recent data indicates there may be an effective tool that you can use to generate interest from consumers day after day -- multiscreen advertising. 

A new Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) study highlighted several key multiscreen advertising trends that developers need to know about, including:

1. Millennials prefer shorter videos.

According to the IAB multiscreen advertising study, 10-second video ads are ideal for those who want to connect with millennials. 

"Millennials are particularly sensitive to mobile ad clutter; mobile video ads intended for a younger audience should be well targeted, relevant and enjoyable to help maximize their potential impact," IAB wrote in its report. 

2. The ideal video length varies based on a consumer's age. 

Although millennials prefer short, simple video ads, the IAB study also indicated the ideal video ad length may vary depending on the target audience's average age. 

"Among consumers 35-54, the communication potential of 30-second videos has an advantage when trying to impact lower funnel metrics," IAB noted. 

3. A clear video ad message is key.

A video ad can do more harm than good if it misses the mark with its target audience, regardless of the ad's length.

"While millennials tend to prefer shorter ads, trying to communicate too much in a few seconds can lead to confusion and limit message takeaway," IAB pointed out. 

Mobile video ads are powerful tools because they can help advertisers promote their products and services and enable developers to boost their revenues.

Conversely, mobile video ads can cause long-lasting damage for both advertisers and developers, especially if these ads feature confusing messages, are too long or fail to meet the needs of a specific audience. 

Take a close look at mobile video ads before you incorporate them into your app.

Remember, when it comes to including mobile video ads in an app, it always is better to err on the side of caution. And for developers, paying close attention to these ads is essential. -- Dan