There isn't an emoji that encompasses everything developers feel about iOS 8.3

Apple platform updates are always an important moment for developers and users, but possibly not until iOS 8.3 did a new set of racially diverse emojis emerge as the most talked-about feature. 

Although there were a lot of potential usage issues addressed in iOS 8.3, there were all kinds of comments on Twitter about emojis that went beyond the traditional faces and images that reflected more of a North American audience. 

Even among developers and app industry execs, iOS 8.3 social media discussions were largely about what people will see on the front end of the UI: 

BREAKING: NEW IOS EMOJIS  via @techcrunch -- @npataky

Of course, not all developers were completely satisfied with the library of emojis that Apple has provided: 

@markgurman Thought we would get Reversed Hand With Middle Finger Extended in 8.3 -- @palmin

That being said, there were plenty of developers that were equally impressed with the technical improvements to iOS 8.3 as they were with the emojis. 

Actual release notes for iOS 8.3?  Someone at Apple is listening.  Thank you. --@andypeters

There are so many changes in this update. Look at how long the release notes are. … -- @bzmayo

In fact, there was one particular fix that was much appreciated: 

iOS 8.3 is out and it elongates the space bar to.eliminate.these.annoying.typos #itsabouttime -- @dereknolan

But getting back to emojis, it was a quietly released extra that impressed all the developers who want to "live long and prosper": 

When you update to iOS 8.3 this tweet will finally make sense: -- @javi