Top 5 Most anticipated smartphones

Nokia E62

With its QWERTY keyboard and push email, the Nokia E62 is gunning for the BlackBerry crowd. The S60 phone has also been called a "Treo killer" and a "Q killer." The bad news is that the E62 lacks WiFi connectivity (like the BlackBerry 8800, below, is rumored to include) and has an unfortunate blocky, European look to it.

Features: Quadband GSM & EDGE, 240x320 screen, Bluetooth, comes with QuickOffice for editing Word docs and spreadsheets, can be mounted as a USB drive.
Availability: Available now from Cingular, but may not be in all stores.
Price: $150, with a Cingular contract.

RIM BlackBerry 8800

BlackBerry 8800There's a lot of buzz about RIM's consumer-friendly BlackBerry 8100 (Pearl), but hardcore BB fans are holding out for the 8800 (code name Gamma Ray). The 8800 is basically an 8100 with a full QWERTY keyboard. According to these leaked pictures, RIM has designed three differnet versions of the phone for three different carriers. There is some debate over whether the 8800 will include a camera (high-security companies don't like cameras), but a recently leaked spec sheet indicates at least one version of the phone will have a 1.3-megapixel camera. This is the phone that has business executives thinking twice about the Nokia E62.

Features: Quadband EDGE, WiFi support, microSD expansion slot, new QWERTY keyboard style, slim form factor and 320 x 240 screen. It can also play MP3s, stream audio & video and comes with stereo headphones.
Availability: Spring 2007 (rumored)
Price: Unknown

T-Mobile Dash

T-Mobile DashThe T-Mobile Dash is the first incarnation of the HTC Excalibur, yet another Q-killer. A T-Mobile employee tip sheet leaked on the Web highlights the Dash's selling points. One nice thing the Dash has going for it is that it's much smaller and lighter than the Q.

Features: WiFi support
Availability: October 16, 2006 form T-Mobile
Price: Unknown, but pundits are putting it in the $300 range.

Samsung i607

T-Mobile DashThe Samsung's SGH-i607 was recently submitted to the FCC for approval in the U.S. This tiny Windows Mobile smartphone has a full QWERTY keyboard, a QVGA screen and a side-mounted scroll wheel like the Moto Q. The i607 has not been officially announced by Samsung, but a U.S. release can't be far off.

Features: Quad-band GSM & EDGE, HSPDA, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g, camera, Bluetooth, and a microSD slot.
Availability: Leaked photos indicate it will be available on Cingular
Price: Unknown


HTC TyTNHTC's TyTN (pronoucned "titan") is a slick little Windows Mobile 5.0 smartphone with a speedy processor and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. It looks great and is shipping now, but doesn't come cheap. ZDnet has a review.

Features: Quad-Band GSM/EDGE, 802.11g WiFiHSDPA/UMTS, 2-megapixel camera (and a second camera on the front), Bluetooth, integrated jog dial on the side.
Availability: Unknown
Price: Available unlocked for about $800

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