Twitter's plans for a new app developer platform raise serious doubts... on Twitter

Twitter reportedly plans to launch a new app development platform called "Twitter Fabric," but based on their social media reactions, it may take a while to get developer relationships all sewn up.

The social networking giant will launch Twitter Fabric before or during Twitter's Flight conference for developers on Oct. 22, according to a report in The Information (subscription required). This would mark the first major effort Twitter has made to engage app makers since shutting off access to its API more than three years ago. Fabric is expected to include "digits," a way to sign up new users by telephone number, and SDKs from firms Twitter has acquired, such as MoPub and Crashlytics, among other features. 

Developers quickly took to Twitter itself to respond to the reports, but many of the comments showed just how deep some of those old wounds go. 

Those in the wider app marketing space, in contrast, saw this as a purely strategic--and pragmatic--move on Twitter's part:

Some suggested the details around Twitter Fabric were still a little vague to be taken seriously:

And there were at least a few who sounded receptive to the potential platform.

For the most part, however, Twitter is going to have to convince a lot of Doubting Thomases out there to make Fabric a success.