Universal app approach has Microsoft Windows devs intrigued

Even Microsoft might be surprised to learn that developers on Twitter were almost universally positive about its "universal app" plans.

As part of its recent Build conference, Microsoft said it would be offering updates in Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 that would offer a way for developers to create a single app that works across Windows phones, tablets, PCs and the Xbox One. Besides unifying the code base, Microsoft is also offering tools in Visual Studio to assist with optimizing universal apps. 

The overall reaction on social media among developers went something like this: 

Of course, developers still want to see more details about how universal apps will work, but the discussions suggested they're ready to hear more. 

Although rumors have been swirling recently that Microsoft might acquire cross-development framework Xamarin, developers wondered if it wasn't a part of the universal apps announcements. 

In the meantime, some devs suggested Microsoft's other priority should be on the marketing of its new approach to mobile.