Users able to access latest iOS beta without developer account

Who says you need a developer account to install the latest iOS 10 beta? A YouTube user recently described how anyone can access iOS 10 beta 2 without a developer account.

In a recent video, YouTube user iCrackUriDevice offered step-by-step instructions to install iOS 10 beta 2 without a developer account, enabling anyone to enjoy the benefits of the new beta release.

"While [iOS 10 beta 2] isn't currently available through Apple's public beta program, we can actually take advantage of a workaround right now to install iOS 10 beta 2 without actually being a registered developer," iCrackUriDevice said in the video. "It's incredibly simple."

iOS 10 beta 2 was released July 5, and many developers have been impressed with the latest iOS 10 beta release.

The beta release offered developers a glimpse into many new features available in iOS 10.

However, some developers have encountered problems with iOS 10 beta 2. 

But despite some initial flaws, don't expect the number of iOS 10 beta 2 installs to slow down any time soon.