VeriSign launches Mobile Developer Test Drive Program

Network infrastructure services provider VeriSign announced the debut of its VeriSign Identity Protection Mobile Developer Test Drive Program, promising developers the tools to integrate stronger authentication protocols into mobile applications beyond traditional secure log-ins. Targeted at developers of J2ME and iPhone applications, the program leverages the VIP Mobile SDK to enable developers to create a pilot or demonstration version to transform mobile devices into two-factor authentication credentials capable of generating a one-time password each time a user signs on. Credentials developed with the SDK will allow users to authenticate themselves at any VIP Network member site, including eBay, PayPal and more than 45 others.

The VIP Authentication Service is deployed on a shared network, which allows consumers to use a single security device to authenticate themselves across any VIP-enabled website. According to VeriSign, enterprises implementing two-factor authentication through the firm's Security-as-a-Service model can virtually eliminate IT infrastructure investments once required to deploy proprietary authentication systems--with mobile phones serving as free VIP credentials, enterprises can scale their potential user base at substantially reduced per-user costs.

Developers can download the VIP Mobile SDK here. VeriSign notes the tools cover such areas as application design, provisioning and validation--in addition, pilot participants can work with the SDK to test how the VIP Authentication Service integrates and operates with their mobile apps, and even test interoperability with other pilot program participants.

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