Verizon releasing Open Development specs tomorrow

Wednesday, March 19 brings Verizon Wireless' first Open Development Device Conference, slated to feature the release and publication of the technical specifications for the operator's "Any Device, Any App" network-only service option. According to Verizon, Wednesday's conference in New York City will emphasize how traditional device and consumer electronics firms as well as aspiring wireless players can bring to market new mobile devices via its Open Development initiative. Verizon promises the initial specs will serve as a solid foundation for device development, with feedback accumulated during the Open Development Device Conference aiding in refining future versions of the specifications. Day two of the conference is set aside for one-on-one meetings with attendees, developers and the Verizon Wireless Open Development team--in the weeks ahead, the operator will shift its focus to applications developers in an effort to help match their apps with device makers.

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