Volantis Mobility Server goes open source

Mobile content delivery solutions vendor Volantis Systems released its Mobility Server to the open source community under version three of the GNU General Public License, in total opening 1.2 million lines of code developed over seven years. Volantis also introduced an accompanying Mobility Server Project to help developers build out the mobile platform. According to Volantis, the decision to open source its code is tied closely to its move into the enterprise market--the firm also hopes to galvanize adoption and encourage more companies to bring usable and compelling content to the mobile web, promising the Mobility Server enables more efficient and inexpensive content creation and distribution across the device ecosystem.

"The Internet grew, in large part, because it was easy to develop for the web. Not only were browsers relatively standardized, but the tools to create databases and complex systems are open and available," said Volantis CEO Mark Watson in a prepared statement. "Our goal is to bring that same openness to the mobile web. Developing for this market is difficult thanks to the splintered phone market, which will only continue to diversify. Developers need an easy-to-use tool with a proven device library in order to help their creativity come alive." 

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