What developers made of Amazon's move to put its app store in an Android app

Amazon may be one of the most widely known online stores in the world, but a recent stealth tactic may help it become one of the most widely known app stores within the Android market. 

News reports from several publications revealed that, with little fanfare, Amazon integrated a way to purchase apps not only through its standalone Appstore, but within its Android app. Experts estimated the changes to the Amazon Android app might have taken place more than a month ago. 

Developers on Twitter sounded as surprised as anyone--and a little dismissive

Some wondered if Amazon might find itself in Google's bad books for potentially misusing its position in Google Play.

Others realized that the integrated app store was part of an over-arching strategy by Amazon to drive app downloads.

While the move might make Amazon apps more widely available, developers suggest there are still some issues to be worked out before it is seen as a true competitor to Google Play.

And if the average developer finds discoverability difficult, some said that Amazon's move may have gone unnoticed for a reason: