What devs are saying about Windows Phone 8 Version 3

For Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) and its Windows Phone 8 operating system, the third time may, in fact, be the charm.

The company last week announced a major update to its mobile OS, which is designed to show off apps on larger smartphones with brighter screens, such as those Nokia (NYSE:NOK) is expected to launch later this year. Microsoft also announced a developer program to encourage more app creators to make new titles for its platform.

Initial response from developers on Twitter was generally positive, though of course there were a few that felt the update was long overdue.

A few developers seemed hopeful Windows Phone 8 Version 3 could mean good things for their apps.

Some of the major features added included Driving mode, which works with Bluetooth to create a mode designed to limit notifications on the lock screen while you're driving, custom notification sounds and improvements on existing features like the app switcher.

Windows Phone 8 Version 3 obviously creates some opportunities for consumer app developers, but some wondered about the enterprise.

Then, finally, were the devs who dreamed even bigger.