What to expect from iOS 10

Image: Aaron Yoo via Flickr
Editor's CornerDan Kobialka

iOS 10 is now available, and Apple is touting the OS version as its "biggest release ever" because it offers a wide range of features that iOS developers are sure to appreciate.

Some of the key iOS 10 features that developers need to know about include:

1. SiriKit

Launching a Siri-compatible app is easier than ever before with iOS 10's new Siri capabilities.

The iOS 10 software development kit (SDK) boasts SiriKit, which "extends support for messaging, photo search and phone calls to more apps and includes support for new services such as ride booking and person-to-person payments," explained Apple.

Using the kit, iOS developers are better equipped to create apps that work with Siri, providing end users with improved experiences.

2. iMessage Apps

iOS 10's new Messages framework empowers developers to launch app extensions that enable end users to interact with an app directly within Messages. That way, end users can keep an app – and their conversations – open simultaneously.

With iOS 10, developers can deliver apps that allow users to share content, make payments, add stickers and more. Meanwhile, end users won't have to worry about an app getting in the way of their conversations – something that could make the Messages framework exceedingly valuable for iOS developers and end users alike.

3. CallKit

Developers now can integrate Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) apps with the iPhone user interface by leveraging the CallKit framework.

CallKit allows developers to view and answer incoming VoIP calls on iOS 10's lock screen as well as manage contacts from VoIP calls in an app's Favorites and Recents views.

Furthermore, CallKit empowers developers with call blocking and caller ID capabilities. This ensures developers can use CallKit to "create an app extension that can associate a phone number with a name or tell the system when a number should be blocked," Apple noted.

Developers ready to launch into the new OS version can check out the iOS 10 SDK here. - Dan@FierceDeveloper