Windows Phone Marketplace developer registration tops 12,000

More than 12,000 Windows Phone 7 developers have now registered to market their applications via Microsoft's Windows Phone Marketplace storefront, slated to go live later this month. According to Microsoft, WP7 developer registration increased close to 40 percent over the last month alone. Developers who requested early Windows Phone Marketplace certification have already published hundreds of apps in advance of the first WP7 smartphones, slated to hit U.S. retail outlets on Nov. 8. On Nov. 3, Microsoft will enable self-serve Marketplace capabilities in an effort to enable additional developers to include their apps in the store at launch.  

Last week, Microsoft published an updated edition of its Windows Phone 7 Application Certification Requirements. The changes are all relatively minor, tweaking the list of package requirements, phone capabilities detection, Marketplace iconography, memory consumption, music and video application requirements and photo sharing application requirements.

For more on the WP7 Application Certification update:
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