Yahoo Mobile Developer Conference: Developers live-tweet from New York City

The big announcement was around in-app sharing and ad integration with its Tumblr blogging platform, but app makers were buzzing about all kinds of things on Twitter as they attended Yahoo's recent developer conference in New York City.

Held Wednesday, Yahoo unveiled updates to its Mobile Developer Suite, along with Tumblr In-App Sharing. Imagine a Tumblr share button that, rather than sending content to web sites, will go straight to mobile apps. 

For a company that was known for being among the first major web portals, developers were quick to note Yahoo's latest attempt at reinventing itself:

Major developers who were part of the launch sounded excited about the possibilities of working with Yahoo:

For the average attendees of Yahoo's Mobile Developer Conference, though, there were simpler pleasures to be had, like getting up close to products:

...hanging out with fellow attendees: 

...iterating their latest app:

...and, of course, eating.