3 continues to expand Mobile Skype coverage

While Skype may have lost some of its early luster--especially for eBay shareholders, the mobile operator 3 continues to push forward with the concept by launching the Mobile VoIP service in Sweden, Denmark and Austria. The company is now providing the service in eight countries in total.

3 said that the mobile VoIP handset was a full-featured device that enabled subscribers to make free Internet calls using the Skype application, as well as making conventional calls and being able to access 3's existing range of Internet services. The company said that the most popular call destination for U.K. mobile Skype users was Europe followed by the U.S., with the top destinations being Poland, Germany and France.

Kevin Russell, CEO 3 U.K., commented, "Our customers are now able to enjoy the same Skype experience at home as on the move. The rollout across our international business underlines our commitment to offer innovative services that challenge the status quo."

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