3 reduces cost of pay as you go modems

UK mobile operator 3 has announced that is now offering pay-as-you-go-mobile broadband to customers, with USB modems available for £69.99 (€88.33).

The operator claimed the new retail price for the USB modems being introduced this week will make it the only mobile operator to provide such a deal. The company currently provides a Pay As You Go price plan giving customers a 1GB data allowance with a £10 Add-on, 3GB with a £15 Add-on and 7GB with a £25 Add-on, with each Add-on lasting 30 days.

According to 3, its 3GB package provides up to 2000 plain text e-mails along with 100 hours of web surfing and a further 100 x two minute video downloads and 200 music tracks.

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