3G iPhone--€100 in Spain, £100 in the UK

For anyone prepared to sign-up to a two or three year contract, Telefonica's Movistar will only charge €100 for the new 3G iPhone, while O2 in the U.K. will charge £100--why the difference when they are both from the same company is not explained.

Analysts believe that the launch of the 3G version--speculated to be this week, but not shipping until around the end of June, will see the handset being heavily subsidised by most operators in an effort to attract more consumers. According to Bernstein analyst Toni Sacconaghi, Apple is looking to double iPhone sales with the intent to reach 10 million for the current financial year.

However, as always, there is catch. These iPhone prices (which are not confirmed) are only likely to be available to subscribers who sign-up for the most expensive tariff, which is thought to be around £75 (for O2) and includes 3,000 minutes and 500 text messages.

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