The 3G to LTE evolution in wireless broadband delivery

Nortel is leading the way in the definition of mobile networks beyond 3G. This next generation of networks will enable the true shift to a mobile broadband world, with increased revenue opportunities for network operators. Nortel’s vision features a Wireless Broadband Access based on OFDM-MIMO technology to provide for significant bandwidth increases over today’s 3G networks and a greatly simplified core network offering a high degree of multi-access capability and security.

A new 3GPP wireless standard, called LTE (Long Term Evolution) is optimized for broadband wireless data, and matches perfectly the strategy of GSM operators who want ot evolve their networks to add LTE, irrespective of whether they have already deployed UMTS.

Nortel has made significant steps in the development of next generation networks and is ready to start deployment of the key foundational elements.

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