A brighter outlook for UWB?

Ultra WideBand (UWB) wireless has long been viewed as a fringe technology but work by a team of European researchers may yet propel UWB to centre stage. The original aim of the EU-funded project UROOF (Photonic components for Ultra-wideband Radio Over Optical Fiber) was to extend the range of low power technologies such as Bluetooth which are measured in tens of metres. The researchers moved to UWB because of the very high data-carrying capability it offered, up to 480Mbs. The solution developed by UROOF has the potential to increase broadband capacity by two to three orders of magnitude whilst reducing concerns about health issues by lowering the signal intensity by a comparable amount. UROOF co-ordinator Moshe Ran's vision is of high-definition video and other high-bandwidth services driven by the combination of UMB and optical technologies being delivered to homes and offices-and even ships and planes.

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