ABI: Consumer wearables to drive big data adoption in healthcare

This year close to 42 million wearable wireless sports, fitness and wellness devices will ship worldwide, according to latest figures from ABI Research. As consumers continue to use these devices from players such as Fitbit, Nike, Jawbone and others to track their levels of activity, there is growing impetus to also exploit this data to inform health management and healthcare provision. Device collected data is generally open to exporting from devices and their manufacturer delivered data collection apps into third party applications. These often provide preferred scope for additional data from other devices or sources to be viewed within a single app, but increasingly they will provide a gateway into bringing activity data into healthcare provision. An emerging collection of cloud application players including Ginger.io and Validic are targeting wearable wireless sports, fitness and wellness device and smartphone application data to bring insights into personal medical records and in turn provide actionable healthcare data. For healthcare providers this data can help inform everything from treatment plans to health insurance actuarial rates as well as drive pharma studies. Release