ABI: NFC lags QR codes and SMS in 34B mobile ticketing market

Over 34 billion tickets will be delivered to mobile devices over the next five years, according to latest forecasts by ABI Research. The combined number takes into consideration the multiple technologies used to present a mobile ticket at time of authentication, including QR codes, NFC, SMS, mobile wallets, Bluetooth Smart, and dedicated apps. In terms of the tickets delivered over the 2014 to 2019 time frame, QR codes are forecast to make up 48 per cent of all tickets delivered, NFC 30 per cent and SMS and others making up the remaining 22 per cent. Although NFC is the technology forecast to have the fastest growth with a CAGR in excess of 100 per cent over the same time frame, it is QR codes that are forecast to account for the majority of mobile tickets delivered having had a substantial head start in the market. QR mobile ticketing has already established itself with companies like Masabi at the forefront of QR code ticketing deliveries. The technology is now established within mobile ticketing applications such as airline boarding, train and stadia and events use cases. Release