ABI Research: ASUS, Lenovo and Amazon fight for tablet third place as Apple and Samsung loosen grip

Apple and Samsung have led the market substantially since the inception of media tablets. However, the race for third place is up for grabs and competition is heating up among Lenovo, Amazon, ASUS and other emerging vendors, according to ABI Research. The aggressive nature of the market and substantial increase in emerging vendors has created a stall for leaders in the market, giving PC OEMs the opportunity to close the gap between leaders and followers. Emerging vendors are forecasted to experience a CAGR of 22.8 per cent between 2014 and 2019. With third place up for grabs, Lenovo is working to gain ground in the market, and in 2019 is expected to ship 21 million tablets, attaining 7.3 per cent of the overall market. This forecasted momentum and growth would land it solidly in third place. Release

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