ABI Research: Data captured by IoT connections to top 1.6 zettabytes in 2020

The volume of data captured by IoT-connected devices is expected to exceed 200 exabytes in 2014, according to latest estimates from ABI Research. The annual total is forecast to grow seven-fold by the end of the decade, surpassing 1,600 exabytes--or 1.6 zettabytes--in 2020. In terms of deployment architectures, the IoT is currently undergoing a major paradigm shift from cloud computing toward edge computing. On the one hand, this shift is opening up edge-based data to meaningful analysis by distributing the analytic workloads across the network. On the other hand, it is also shoring up the cloud-level capabilities by making the transmitted data more actionable, by enriching and contextualizing the payloads. Release