ABI: Wearable activity trackers outsold smart watches by 4 to 1 in Q1

Activity trackers dominated sales of wearable devices in the first quarter of 2014, outselling much-hyped smart watches by four to one, with 2.35 million devices shipped, according to ABI Research. Fitbit remains the market leader, with a majority share, but will face more competition in the second quarter of 2014 and over the course of the year, especially with Samsung about to launch the hybrid Samsung Gear Fit. Smart watch sales dropped significantly in the first quarter compared to the final quarter of 2013, due in small part to the seasonal effect of Christmas, but largely due to the imminent launch of Samsung's Gear smart watches and Gear Fit activity tracker. The Samsung Gear dominated sales in the fourth quarter of last year, but retailers and distributors were looking to clear their Samsung Gear 1 channel inventory in anticipation of the upgrade in the second quarter of 2014. Release

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