Advertisers will miss iAd launch

Apple's new iAd platform may be sparsely-populated when it launches on July 1, with many advertisers reportedly not ready to commence their campaigns.

A number of marketers are still weeks, if not months, away from launching an ad on the new system, according to sources polled by Advertising Age.
Part of the problem lies with Apple, which is maintaining control over the technical production of every iAd. The firm has told ad agencies it will take around six to eight weeks to produce an ad after the creative content is produced.
Another factor causing inertia is Apple's decision not to bring the platform to the iPad - the most enticing of Apple's mobile devices for advertisers - until November.
As a result, many advertisers plan to stagger iAd launches through the Autumn, rather than rush to hit the July 1 opening.
Advertisers signing on to the platform will pay dearly for the privilege. Most iAd partners are paying $1 million (€819,000) just to be admitted to the platform.
And at $10 per thousand impressions for banners, and $2 for each person who clicks to view an ad, the pricing on the platform is the highest in the mobile world, Advertising Age added.
Many advertisers have also chosen to pay for the chance to become the exclusive advertiser for a particular category. Nissan, for example, has paid to become the only car maker to advertise on iAd.
Some companies are reportedly paying $10 million or more for an exclusive deal.