Air France allows mobile calls in test flight

Air France allowed the use of mobiles onboard one of its European flights on an experimental basis, according to a company statement.

The aircraft, a medium-haul 123-seater A 318, was scheduled to serve the Paris-Vienna, Munich-Paris routes, but Air France has decided that the plane will fly a different route every day. Passengers will be told of the experimental service at the time of boarding.

Last December, the French national carrier launched a three-month trial during which passengers could send and receive text messages and emails with attachments. 'Given the positive feedback that has been received from customers since the beginning of the experiment, the company has decided to move to the second phase of the project: the use of voice communication devices,' the statement said.

'At the end of the trial period, Air France will determine which service is preferred by customers: data-only or data and voice calls,' said the company.