Aircom International joins 5G project

Aircom International is the latest company to join a consortium investing in the construction of a 5G research center in the UK.
Aircom International joins companies including Samsung as a member of the consortium, which is investing £30 million (€35.7 million) into the 5G research facility. The center is scheduled to open in January 2015, will be manned by 130 researchers from the University and industry consortium, and provide a base for 90 doctorate-level students.
“The introduction of 5G technology will be an important development for the mobile industry. Recognition of this evolution from the academic community is fantastic and will ensure ongoing innovation for the future of the industry, with technologies that have been scientifically researched, developed and tested,” says Stephen Bowker, chief technology officer at Aircom International.
The University of Surrey revealed plans for the research and development facility in November 2012.

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