Airtel launches wholesale IP services in Middle East

Bharti Airtel has launched wholesale IP services in the Middle East, after completing its Middle East Connect network.
Airtel has added 17 Gbps worth of capacity to the region over the last two quarters, the company announced, and has made investments in India-Middle East cable routes on the SEA-ME-WE 4, I-ME-WE and EIG.
Each Airtel cable route in the Middle East now has at least three paths, the company said. Airtel is also currently building a regional backbone connecting the major Mideast markets.
The services on offer include submarine capacity, global leased circuits, Ethernet, backhaul, global and regional IP transit and bandwidth on demand.
Bharti Airtel executive director Rajan Swaroop said Airtel views the region as a key market. “The Middle East is home to some of the biggest economies and represents one of the most dynamic wholesale markets today,” he said.
Developing services in the Middle East is a crucial part of Airtel's strategy of becoming a global network services provider, he added.

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