Alca-Lu CEO announces restructuring plan

New Alcatel-Lucent CEO Ben Verwaayen has announced the details of an extensive corporate restructuring plan, which will see the company divided by region.

The new business model is comprised of three regions - Americas, EMEA and APAC.

Presidents have been selected for each region. Of these only APAC president Etienne Fouques is an existing Alca-Lu employee - EMEA president Adolfo Hernandez is a former Sun executive, and Americas president Robert Vrij is the former CEO of Openwave.

Verwaayen will also divide the company into three groups - solutions and marketing, quality and customer care and operations. The operations group will be subdivided into carrier products, services, applications software and enterprise products groups.

The company has also announced an intention to focus on open innovation, led by its research arm Bell Labs, and renew its efforts in the services and enterprise markets.

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