Alca-Lu claims copper broadband boost

Alcatel-Lucent claims to have boosted broadband access speeds on existing copper lines.
The vendor is employing a solution based on VDSL2 Vectoring to achieve higher speeds on current lines, and claims service providers can deploy the new technology without the need for costly, time-consuming, upgrades to their current set ups.
Alcatel-Lucent said its “Zero Touch Vectoring” uses signal processing to automatically ensure that VDSL2 modems already installed in customers’ homes can continue to run at full speed, without undermining the service quality for customers subscribing to higher-speed VDSL2 Vectoring.
According to the company, this eliminates the need to update the firmware on all modems on the network, as was previously necessary.
VDSL2 Vectoring uses existing copper lines for the “last mile” broadband connection to peoples’ homes, providing a quick, cost-effective alternative to large-scale residential fiber optic build-outs. It removes the interference between the VDSL2 lines in a bundle, enabling the delivery of speeds of 100Mbps, the company also said.