Alcatel files infringement lawsuit against Microsoft

Alcatel has sued Microsoft in a US federal court for patent infringement, an Associated Press report said.

The Associated Press report said Alcatel filed two complaints with the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas seeking compensation for what the Paris-based company believes to be a violation of its intellectual property rights.

Alcatel spokesman Stephane Lapeyrade would not comment on the details of the case but said the company had sued Microsoft 'to preserve our rights to fair compensation for its intellectual property,' the report said.

'We hope that this can be resolved through discussions rather than courts,' he was quoted as saying.

Before filing the suits, Alcatel had reportedly notified Microsoft of what it believed to be unfair use of several patents, according to court documents.

Microsoft has not filed a response to the complaints.

Company spokesman Lou Gellos declined to comment on the suits, but said they appeared to be related to long-standing patent litigation between US-based Lucent and Microsoft at a US District Court in San Diego.

He said that Alcatel, which is poised to take over Lucent, may have 'inherited' the legislation as part of the proposed merger.