Alcatel-Lucent collaborates with Telstra on mobile TV

Alcatel-Lucent and Australia's leading carrier Telstra announced the opening of a mobile TV handset testing service centre in Melbourne, Australia.
The facility was developed to support Telstra's Mobile FOXTEL
TV service and will help ensure that Alcatel-Lucent's MiTV application and the Mobile FOXTEL service are compatible with and operate smoothly on the handsets that Telstra offers to its customers.

The first Alcatel-Lucent facility of its kind outside of France, the centre represents a key step forward in bringing mobile TV-ready handsets to market quickly, dramatically reducing delivery time from up to three months to just 15 days.

Seen as key to ensuring the reliability and availability of new applications, the facility will test up to 100 UMTS 3G-enabled handset models a year including models from the all the major manufacturers to ensure their compatibility and suitability for the network and the anticipated applications and services to be offered.

Testing will involve Streamezzo, which supplies a rich media client software application to support Alcatel-Lucent's MiTV application and Mobile FOXTEL service on the handsets being offered by Telstra.