Alcatel-Lucent opens Taiwan showcase center

Alcatel-Lucent has opened a new showcase center in Taiwan to help market its networking wares to operators and enterprise customers in North Asia and China.
The new Alcatel-Lucent Innovation Center serves as a demo environment for the vendor's equipment. It includes a live LTE demonstration network, a high-speed fixed access network and IP platforms including IMS.
On the enterprise side, the facility is designed to demonstrate cloud-based service concepts including a hosted cloud data center on virtual resources.
Alcatel-Lucent president for Asia-Pacific Martin Jordy said the facility will also be designed to let the company's customers “work in partnership with businesses from a wide range of industries and markets to develop next generation services.”
He said Taiwan was chosen as the site for the center because the nation has become a significant player in the ultra-broadband market.
Pyramid Research expects the total Taiwan fast fixed and mobile broadband equipment market to hit $13.6 billion by 2018 due to the combination of a nationwide fiber-optic network rollout and upcoming LTE launches.
Jordy added that Taiwan's position as one of the largest exporters of semiconductors and other IT equipment also influenced the decision.

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