Almost 50% of mobile phone users accessing the internet

Around half of mobile phone users are accessing the internet from their handsets at least once a week. Of these, approximately equal numbers listen to music (49 per cent), with slightly fewer emailing (43 per cent).

The survey, conducted by Sybase 365, claimed that nearly a third of mobile phone users received mobile social network updates on at least a weekly basis, while 42 per cent used IM via their phones. Sports and traffic updates using a handset were more popular in Asia than in Europe or the Americas.

The study also highlighted the three most valuable services--if available--that the user would like to access: booking cinema/theatre tickets being top with 24 per cent of those asked, while 23 per cent wanted official emergency alerts, and 12 per cent thought receiving special offers/coupons would be valuable.

On a global basis, the most used services over the last three months have been:

  • Paying for tickets including cinema and theatre (22%)
  • Paying for shopping and bills (19%) and paying for parking (8%)
  • Mobile CRM related services have the greatest usage in the Asia Pacific region.

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