Altair offers its first LTE baseband chip

Israeli chip firm Altair has taken the wraps off its LTE baseband chip, the FourGee 3100 – Altair’s first and one of the first in the market.

The new chip, now commercially available, comes with a complete LTE L1 and protocol stack for handsets, data cards, dongles and handheld consumer electronics devices, Altair said

Altair’s LTE RF transceiver is also commercially available, the firm said, offering device makers with a complete baseband and RF LTE chipset solution.
“Starting from today, device OEM and ODMs are able to build commercial grade LTE terminals without having to compromise on performance, power consumption or size of the LTE chipset,” said Oded Melamed, Co-Founder and CEO of Altair Semiconductor.
Meanwhile, in what appears to be an announcement ahead of the next week’s ITU even, NTT DoCoMo, NEC, Panasonic and Fujitsu say they have completed the development of an LTE-PF chipset engineering sample and are now evaluating its main functions.
The LTE-PF comprises software for baseband processing and other basic functions in mobile communication devices, DoCoMo said.
The partners hope to license the platform to mobile phone-makers worldwide.
The sample will be exhibited at the NTT stand at ITU Telecom World 2009 in Geneva, October 5 to 9.