Altice stays firm on SFR offer; U.S. has reportedly spied on Huawei

> Twitter pulled its music application from Apple's App Store, and will discontinue the service by mid-April. Article

> Cisco plans to invest $1 billion (€724 million) in cloud computing services in the next two years. Article

> Altice reportedly has no plans to sweeten its offer for SFR, despite Bouygues' revised offer of €13.1 billion ($18.1 billion) in cash. The company is in exclusive negotiations with Vivendi until April 4. Article

> In a twist, U.S. officials, which have long branded China's Huawei a security threat, have reportedly been spying on the company via so-called "back doors" into the company's servers in Shenzhen, China. Article

> South Africa's telecoms regulator said it may reconsider planned cuts for 2015 and 2016 to the amount mobile operators charge each other to use their networks. Article

And finally…Dog training? There's an app in development for that. In the meantime, you can teach the animal to read and take its own picture with a little iPad training. Article

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