Amazon intros giant Kindle e-reader

Amazon has introduced a new version of its Kindle e-reader, which features a screen bigger than that of both prior versions put together.

The Kindle DX, which has been presented as a new way for people to read newspapers, textbooks and documents, has a screen two and a half times those of the prior iterations, the New York Times said

The DX will be able to display documents in Adobe's PDF format, and the text will automatically rotate when the device is turned sideways.

The larger screen and new features come at a price – the DX will cost $489, $130 more than the Kindle 2.

Amazon has signed up textbook publishers Pearson, Cengage Learning and Wiley Higher Education to make their books available on the Kindle store. Six universities throughout the US will begin testing the device with students this year, Amazon said.

Amazon also offers subscriptions on the Kindle to 37 newspapers for around $10 per month, the Times said.

The Kindle Store, launched in November 2007, has more than 275,000 books and magazines.