Amid criticism, Sarin gets shareholders' vote

Shareholders in mobile phone operator Vodafone Group voted to re-elect CEO Arun Sarin, the focus of recent criticism about the firm's lackluster share performance, an Associated Press report said.
The report said 85.6% of shareholders who voted by proxy chose to retain Sarin. He was opposed by 9.5%, while 4.5% abstained.
Vodafone also said 80.5% of shareholders voted in favor of the company's remuneration report.
Reports said investors had expressed dismay about Vodafone's share price performance since Sarin took over three years ago.
While London's FTSE-100 index had risen by about 40% since then, Vodafone shares had dropped by 5%, the report said.
Standard Life, which held 1.7% of Vodafone shares, earlier said it had opposed Sarin's re-election and also voted against the company's remuneration report.
In another development, Vodafone Europe chief executive Bill Morrow announced he was leaving the business to return to the US for family reasons, the latest in a string of high-profile executive departures in recent months, the report said.