Analyst: Germany to decide Europe's smart metering future

A decision by the German government could impact the future growth of in Europe of smart metering, according to a new study from Berg Insight. The report said that the German government is presently researching whether the benefits in the form of energy savings, grid optimisation and greater efficiency outweigh an investment in the magnitude of €15 billion to €20 billion. Tobias Ryberg, a senior analyst with Berg Insight, said: "If Germany draws the same conclusions about smart metering as most other countries in Western Europe, it will open up a large and diverse market that offer plenty of room for both new and existing players to define the next generation of cutting-edge smart grid technology. In the opposite case, the market opportunities for smart metering solutions in Western Europe will essentially dry up after 2020 and most European industry players will be unable to find new customers and lose a decade's experience before the introduction of third generation smart metering systems begin in 2030." Release