Analytics pros favor cloud over on-premise BI

Business intelligence (BI) and analytics software professionals prefer a cloud-based BI solution over conventional, on-premise installed software for gaining access to the real-time business data, a survey by Birst shows.
Results of the web survey that was done in July and attracted about 400 BI professionals revealed that four-fifths of those polled said they are "very satisfied" or "satisfied" with their cloud-based solution, compared to just 51% satisfaction among on-premise BI users.
More than half of BI users said they would choose a cloud BI solution over on-premise, while only 14% said they would prefer on-premise software.
The survey also found that 83% said cloud BI solutions offer faster implementation compared to on-premise software, as well as lower cost – with fewer than one-third of cloud BI users reporting implementation cost overruns.
Further, nearly 60% of respondents said cloud BI solutions are easier to use and require much less training, and more than half said more employees access and use cloud BI solution than on-premise BI.