Android activations hit 700,000 per day

Global Android activations have now hit 700,000 units daily according to Google’s Android head Andy Rubin. This figure has risen from 550,000 in October when Android’s latest platform, Ice Cream Sandwich, was announced.
Rubin shed more light on the figures via  his Google+ social networking page and added that Google only counted each device once. Rubin said resold devices were not recounted, a hint that actual numbers could be even higher.
According to the Times of India, the figure indicates Android device manufacturers could sell more than 60 million Android-based devices this quarter.
Android’s market share is clearly on the rise. The platform topped US sales chart in Q3 and accounted for almost half the smartphones sold in the market. Devices running the Google operating system took 43.6% of sales in the market during the period, compared to 26.2% for Apple and 24.2% for RIM, Canalys revealed
Android’s growth rate appears to have slowed in recent months, however, according to Apple Insider, which reported that the platform’s growth rate in June and July this year should have pushed activations to the 700,000 per day mark by end September.
Closest rival Apple revealed last November that it had sold 17.07 million iPhones, with analysts from UBS predicting that the Cupertino giant will sell up to 30 million units this quarter.
Device number comparisons between Apple and Android cannot be made as Apple stopped updating its activation numbers since last October, when co-founder Steve Jobs revealed iOS activations stood at 275,000 daily. CEO Time cook has however revealed that Apple had hit 250 million units in cumulative sales end September.