Anite key for 5G

Wireless equipment test firm Anite is set to head up a European Commission (EC) backed research program into 5G technology.
The firm has been appointed to lead a radio channel modeling task group as part of the METIS (mobile and wireless communications enablers for the 2020 information society) program, which is co-funded by the EC and 28 firms from the wireless industry.
METIS’ target is to develop 5G technology capable of meeting future demand for mobile data from a growing range of connected devices.
Anite was chosen to head the radio channel modeling due to its success in defining standards for previous generations of mobile technology, says Afif Osseiran, METIS coordinator at Ericsson.
“Radio channel expertise is key to the success of 5G technology. Anite was selected to lead the channel modeling Task Group within the METIS project as they have proven success in previous projects, such as IST-WINNER, which defined the 4G channel models.”
The test firm will aim to meet METIS requirements covering five possible challenges 5G technology is judged likely to be required to solve. The task group is due to publish its first results in April 2014.