Another suicide attempt at Foxconn plant

Another Foxconn worker attempted to take his life yesterday, narrowly avoiding becoming the 13th worker this year to commit suicide at the troubled factory.
The 25 year-old man survived an attempt to cut himself at the Shenzen factory, which manufactures devices for companies including Apple, Dell and HP, SMH said
His attempt came shortly after a personal visit by chairman Terry Gou, during which he promised to do everything in his power to prevent more deaths.
Four workers have attempted suicide in the past fortnight, prompting an attempt by the plant to force workers to sign a letter promising not to harm themselves.
The letter stipulated that if any workers committed suicide, they would receive the minimum payout possible under Chinese law – possibly nothing, the Telegraph said
Without the agreement, Foxconn is forced to pay 110,000 yuan (€13,000) to the family of each worker who commits suicide, which is equivalent to ten-year’s worth of wages for an entry-level manufacturing employee.
Parent company Hon Hai yesterday revealed it is considering raising wages for the Chinese factory workers, but claimed the decision has nothing to do with the suicides.
Workers could see wages increased by 20% despite calling for a 50% rise, reports.