Antennagate cripples iPhone 4 prospects in UK, claims survey

Despite PR gurus claiming otherwise, the debacle surrounding the antenna issues with the iPhone 4 has severely dented the handset's UK prospects. Consumer interviews conducted by Opinium Research found that more than half of UK consumers now do not plan to purchase an iPhone 4.

Apple initially dismissed the antenna problems as a non-issue, advising dissatisfied users to buy a bumper case or hold the phone differently. The company was eventually forced into admitting that the iPhone 4 did suffer from reception problems, but even then looked to lump other handset vendors into the issue by claiming that all smartphones suffered from this issue. 

However, UK consumers would seem to have taken against Apple's latest, and reportedly best, handset. According to Opinium Research, one in four is now less likely to move to an iPhone 4, with an additional three out of five (57 per cent) stating they had no intention whatsoever of buying the device.

Perhaps more damaging, 45 per cent of current iPhone 3GS users said that, based on media comment, they were now less likely to buy or upgrade to an iPhone 4.

Commenting on the survey results, James Endersby, MD of Opinium Research, said, "With 90 per cent of iPhone owners stating that they are satisfied with the level of service they receive, it's interesting to compare how few people would now purchase an iPhone after the media attention surrounding the antenna fiasco. Our research shows that, by not dealing with such a major issue well through the media, brands, no matter how big, can have their profile dented in the public's eye."

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