AOL chief predicts Internet to be TV screen of the future

AOL chief Jonathan Miller said tomorrow's TV screen of choice will likely be the Internet.

An AFP report quoted Miller, who was speaking at the influential 'MIPTV featuring MILIA' trade show, as saying that 'video consumption is exploding on-line and on-demand is going to be the dominant way to consume content."

The report said the executive was to be awarded the show's inaugural Pioneer Prize at the first-ever International Interactive Emmy Awards ceremony for AOL's innovative, high-quality live Web coverage of the 2005 global Live 8 rock concerts.

The report quoted Miller as saying that Live 8 'was the starting gun that showed that the Internet is a mass entertainment medium, very different from TV, because people could watch any of the concerts going on around the world.'

Not only did AOL deliver 175,000 simultaneously high-quality video streams to users in 160 countries at the height of the concerts, but there were also 90 million video streams of concert footage watched by AOL users in the six weeks after the event, the report said.