APAC will be home to half of world's mobile subscribers

The Asia Pacific region will account for around 50% of the world's total number of mobile phone subscribers by the end of the decade, an Asia Pulse report said, quoting a study conducted by UK-based Portio Research.


The Asia Pulse report quoted Portio Research as saying that the number of subscribers in China and India, the world's two biggest mobile markets, will hit a staggering 1.067 billion by 2011.


By this time, Portio expects there to be a whopping 3.96 billion mobile phone subscribers worldwide, up from 2 billion at the end of 2005, the report said.


At this rate, half the world's population will subscribe to a mobile phone service by 2009, according to the report.


The report found India to have the most growth potential over the next five years, just ahead of China, Brazil, Indonesia and Nigeria.